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    Jundee and Tanami Projects – Wiluna WA and Northern Territory

    Rehabilitation audit of 17,000 exploration drill holes & 120 costeans (Tanami) and 20,00 drill holes (Jundee). The programs required corrective rehabilitation on sites not meeting regulatory standards


    Mt Ida, Mt Mason and Mt Alfred Projects – Goldfields WA

    Rehabilitation of all entire project areas to regulatory standards. The programs also required the removal of potential contaminated materials. The entire programs were audited by the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) & Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) on completion, with complete sign off by both departments resulting in 100% bond return on all projects.


    Granny Smith, Plutonic, Lawlers, Darlot, Mt Margaret & Humpback – Goldfields WA

    Exploration drill site preparation for drilling programs and associated rehabilitation (to regulatory standards) at completion of drilling program (including water exploration sites). Over 5000 sites completed at Granny Smith, Plutonic, Lawlers, Darlot & Mt Margaret. A clean up and complete rehabilitation program was undertaken on the historical mine site – Humpback


    Pardoo, McPhee Creek, Mt Robinson, Mt Webber, Wodgina, Abydos, Mt Dove, Corunna Down, Mt Gould & Hickman – Pilbara WA

    Rehabilitation of exploration drill sites across various projects. Programs included, collar cutting & plugging, sample removal, complete rehabilitation of drill sites, rehabilitation auditing and reporting, rehabilitation of tracks & drill lines, converting RC drill holes to water monitoring bore holes and water bore pump test works. A mine site cleanup/closure program was completed on the Mt Gould Project with the site cleanup completed to DMP standards.

    dragon-energy-mine-site-cleanup-exploration-rehabilitation (ERWA)

    Tom Price – Pilbara WA

    Complete rehabilitation (collar cutting & plugging, sample removal) of all tenement drill sites including ripping of access tracks and topsoil spreading & mulching