ERWA provide a range of environmental services for our clients from environmental planning, assessment, management to full site remediation. Our services offer a client focused, individually tailored service to meet the needs of the proponent so all objectives are achieved. Our services are structured to meet proponent commitments and legislative requirements, along with relevant industry codes and best practice standards.

Mining and Exploration

ERWA have all of your site preparation, rehabilitation and earth work requirements covered, with an extensive range of earth moving equipment, experienced and qualified operators and a team with a thorough understanding of regulatory standards, guidelines and industry best practice


Environmental Consultancy

ERWA provide a wide range of environmental consultancy services, with a wealth of experience in the mining and exploration industries. ERWA can assist with all environmental aspects of your project


Environmental Auditing

ERWA offer a range of environmental audit services which are delivered through the custom built Environmental Data Management System (EDMS). ERWA has worked closely with its software engineers and developed a simple environmental data application (“App”) and management system. The new EDMS is used by ERWA to provide quality, cost effective  environmental audits in the […]