• Environmental Auditing

    ERWA offer a range of environmental audit services which are delivered through the custom built Environmental Data Management System (EDMS). ERWA has worked closely with its software engineers and developed a simple environmental data application (“App”) and management system. The new EDMS is used by ERWA to provide quality, cost effective  environmental audits in the following areas:

    • Exploration ground disturbance and drill site auditing
    • Environmental due diligence audits (including tenement purchases and relinquishment)
    • Compliance audits—with environmental licences, approvals, regulatory requirements industry codes of practices, company guidelines and environmental policies
    • Environmental management audits— the effectiveness of business planning, management systems, resources and personnel in managing environmental impact of a company’s organisation

    ERWA hold RABQSA certifications for environmental, OHS and quality management systems at the lead auditor levels


    The Environmental Data Management System (EDMS)

    The EDMS allows for the accurate, quick and efficient capture and management of environmental field data. The system is fully flexible allowing ERWA to meet the exact data and reporting requirements of our clients. The system is very simple and provides a multitude of data export options allowing for ease of integration with clients existing company databases.

    The app is an android based system with an online database that allows for custom built data forms to be created  (in consultation with our clients) and subsequent environmental data captured. Data is captured via the app in the field on “Tough Tablets” and this data is simply transferred to the main database via a “sync” feature. The key features of this app and data system are:

    •  It provides immediate, efficient and accurate data capture for any field of audit
    • It is adaptable to client specific requirements (e.g. rehabilitation audits, environmental compliance audits etc.)
    • Provides geographically referenced evidence
    • Allows regulatory compliance reports to be quickly and efficiently generated
    • Allows for the export of data in in a multitude of formats to suit clients’ needs (GIS, Excel, KML etc.)


    EDMS Current Uses

    At present the app is being primarily used for all of ERWA rehabilitation and environmental field projects as a quick and simple data capture system. The system is being used:

    • to increase project efficiency
    • for environmental due diligence (such as tenement relinquishments or purchases)
    • to provide evidence of rehabilitation or environmental compliance
    • as a means of quality control for native seed harvesting, storage and supply
    • for all ERWA environmental field works

    This new app has been developed from extensive experience in the environmental and rehabilitation fields within the mining and exploration industry, and the simple flexible nature allows it to cater for all data capture requirements.

    For a presentation about the system, outlining the apps capabilities and discuss its potential benefits to your business please contact Bill, Alana or Peter on 98415583 or via email at admin@erwa.com.au


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